About Us

Maes and Associates

What do we want to say about the mission of Maes and Associates? What we do? How we build SMBs…
Maes and Associates utilizes the strength, values and benefits of the High Five Priority Business Mapping ™
Educating , training and implementing Business owner, leaders and entrepreneurs with the best practice of business
found in the H5 System and applications.
Whether it is the start-up vision of an entrepreneur or the investment of bank or investment team or the
performance of an existing business or corporations.
  1. The now conditions and challenges,
  2. The short term goals and success.
  3. Bigger picture long term profitability and sustainability.
Whether it’s the online business courses educating on the H5-High Five Priority Business Mapping systems™
Building H5 into the Vision, Plan, steps and structure of a new Start-Up, business.
Or the turnaround of a existing Business or corporations, leadership, management, positions, people and
performances. We are there to Identify and accomplish Success.

Take advantage of High Five Priority Business Mapping™!