Consulting Services

We provide the one-off focused executive solution, confidence and “can do” resource, you have always wished for. No business owner or executive need ever go it alone.

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, resources and so much more … We’ll meet you where you are, help you to see things with a positive encouraging perspective, and find the keys that unlock your potential and help you create and drive the business you always wanted to build. Life altering success is available to anyone willing to embrace, and implement, the information we have compiled for such a time as this. Why leave your future to chance when you have all the tools to direct it to your perfect? Not just money well spent…. But TIME well spent!

H5 Focused Consulting

In-depth Consulting for any of the five departments.

H5 Mastermind Business Groups

 As a business owner there are so many things you’d like to discuss with other people at your caliber and hire understanding the details and intimacies of business. Problems and challenges dealt with daily. 

 Well now, you have found that.

These H5 business groups the scoops are powerful you no longer will be dealing with things alone every every session is filled with big picture plans and current topic matters that will change and catapult your education, experience, leadership and business performances to levels only dreamed of.

H5 Mastermind groups will take you, your people and business to levels only dreamed of.

H5 Project Clients

You no longer have to wish for the right Executive Resource Partner that brings to the table that next level thinking, abilities and resources to meet and exceed the needs, performance and expectations, while educating and implementing people, teams and objectives as identified. Our Special Project Task team embraces and delivers consistently all goals and objectives identified and committed/assigned too.

H5 Products

Look no further when it comes to H5 Business structure processing, performance empowerment resources.MP3, MP4, business performance curriculum, forms and learning assignments. Including but not limited to High Powered Executive level H5 apparel and equipment resources.

Great product at great prices.

M.E.A. Military Executive Academy

Veterans nolonger need to wonder how do they understand there business needs,, create or structure your business for now performance and long term sustainability?

 MEA is that. We teach you H5 Best practices of business, performance, structure, processes. With a strong focus on Mindset, Leadership and Culture to Empower Success, accountability and performance as the S.O.P. and way of life.

H5 Speaking

 Mark provides a high level in depth comprehensive approach to business based on the High 5 priority business mapping methods. Always meeting the audience where they are and elevating them to new levels with new understanding empowerment and enthusiasm that you do not want to miss. Bring your people teams and departments for powerful, engaging sessions on Business, Performance, Mindset, Leadership and Culture that Accomplishes.

 Vision to outcome thinking and activities in training Positive and proactive thinking and activities and training.

 Mindset leadership and culture.

 Is an all or any of the key 5 departments of business.



Financing & Administrations, 

Operations and 

Brand and company growth management.

We can if we will beliefs 

H5 Business Workshops

We offer over 50 different Key Top Best practices of business workshops. From in depth detail training on the 5 department’s/ Gears of business. Part 1 program driven around the what of business. Part 2 is perspective is th we How of business. We also have many 20+ workshops and courses on Mindset, Leadership and Culture. Again broke down in 3 methods. What, Want and How.

The great asset any business will ever have is it people, passion and performances.

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H5-CBRP Covid business recovery programs

Are Powerful Business programs designed to meet business owners and leaders where they are, Now currently after and as a result of the Covid pandemic,  Epidemic and aftermath of the world, business and changes as a result. In addition, how now to meet and assist business owners to identify what is needed at this point on time. Align them with resources needed now, short term and long term. As well as the knowledge plan steps and resources to restore and take their businesses to the next level of performance, education and training of their people and teams, business, communities and cities.

Do not leave something so important as your business and people successes to chance.

We provide you the opportunity, resources, education, training and implementation.

 Through your local city, state and federal resources.

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H5 Vision Mapping projects

Do you feel like you are working hard but not sure you are working on the right things?  Or unsure what exactly you should be spending your focus, time, resources and money On, at a time more than ever necessary to get it right?

 Steven Covey says it best; Start with the end in mind.

Google tells use you increase your odds of success by 65 to 80% when have a clear Vision and plan before starting.

 Why would you not? H5 has a key method and practices supported with forms and models on how to do it correctly.

Clarifying your Vision for Success.

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H5 Online Business Courses

 H5 online business courses is an in-depth comprehensive Programming series break breaking down the best practices of business. Understanding All of those key details of business you’ve learned in school college or other All of those key details of business you’ve learned in school, college or other methods.

H5 has the reputation of Best Practice of Business, being broken down into 2 key parts.

Part 1 the What of Business. The 5 gears/departments of business. All businesses have then. Not all businesses understand and empower that fact.

Part 2 The How of Business Success. Vision through Outcome Performance. Supported with Mindset, Leadership, Culture 


Take advantage of High Five Priority Business Mapping™!