What People Are Saying

Shelly H
Luminary Leaders

“Mark Maes has been instrumental in helping me focus to understand and setting-up my business on a foundational structure called H5 that has changed the way we do business. Mark is the kind of person you can trust at all levels and I highly recommend them. “

Al C
AC Construction

“Working with Mark Maes and Associates and understanding the High Five Priority business mapping fundamentals has increased the performances in my business at all levels. In one year, we doubled our sales volume and increased of profits by 27%. “

Debbie N
Mortgage Lender

“Mark Maes asked me one of the most profound questions that forever change my perspective of business and life. What’s your Perfect look like? “

Deb J
CEO Chamber of commerce

“While working with Mark Maes and Maes Associates he has shared key insight of business. Breaking it down into those 5 key departments. In addition, the H5 fundamentals Vision through, outcome made things much more controllable and successful. “

James Henry
Sacramento, CA

“Mark Maes listens and understood the conditions and vision of a business owner with the keen ability to …”

Robert F
Advan Corporation

“Mark is able to see through the B.S. understand the people and their agenda’s. He surfaces key relevant questions that causes people thinking. He methods H5 helped us align the Vision, steps, people, and resources to accomplish the goals we identified. He gets it and the High Five is the real deal.”

Ralph J
General Contractor, Los Angeles, Ca

“Marks Business and people experience has been priceless for us. He has a servant heart with strong Leadership abilities that have been a great benefit to our people, team and management not to mention to myself as the owner.”

Don H
Corporate owner San Francisco, Ca

“Mark and Maes and Associates have provided us a great clarity and support during changing times when we needed to replace key positions in our organization. He was instrumental in helping us position for this next level of business.”

Mary Smith
Topeka, KS

“After attending High-Five, I was able to increase my business by 37% within the first six months.”

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